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In 2018, we joined in ministry with our sister churches in Cuba. We continue building relationships with our sisters and brothers there, worshiping with them and discerning how the Spirit of God still invites us to grow together in worship, discipleship, and witness.

The first phases of our Cuba partnership focused on the mission in Regla, just outside Havana. The Regla church has been growing by leaps and bounds. During our ministry with Regla, we helped to repair the sanctuary and add a room to the church. We then partnered with them to purchase a parsonage, allowing the pastor and his family to move out of the single room in the church where they lived. This space can now be used more fully for ministry, as can the parsonage which provides additional spaces for youth groups, women's ministry, and lifelong discipleship. These resources empower them to serve their community further as they move into the future.

In September of 2023 we had the privilege of welcoming Pastors Guillermo and Adria from the church in Havana Central. They shared with us some of the experiences of the church in Cuba as part of a fellowship of testimony and prayer.

Discernment is currently underway for what the next season of ministry will look like in partnership with our sisters and brothers in Cuba: we are actively seeking the Spirit to see how we can partner together to share the love and hope of Jesus in Cuba. If you are interested in learning more about the Cuba mission or would like to be part of a team on one of our upcoming trips, please contact Pastor Josh. There will be various ways to get involved in ministry with the Cuba mission, and we want to be attentive to the ways the Spirit is prompting us to join in with the incredible work that God is doing there for the sake of the world to the glory of God.