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Stay tuned for updates and more information about our Cuba and Kenya missions! To learn more contact Joshua Bland.

In 2018 we joined in ministry with our sister churches in Cuba. We continue building relationships with our sisters and brothers there, worship with them, and discern how the Spirit of God still invites us to grow together in worship, discipleship, and witness. Be sure to watch our video HERE.

We have completed phase 1 of the Cuba mission with our sister church in Regla, which is just outside Havana; there is still much to be done as this small church grows by leaps and bounds! Currently, Pastor Alexeis and his family live in the church building at Regla, occupying space that could be used more fully for ministry to the community. The church has an opportunity to purchase a parsonage into which he and his family could move. This would open up more church ministry space, and the parsonage would provide our sister church additional spaces for Bible study, discipleship groups, and worship.

To meet this phase 2 ministry goal, we are setting out to raise $30,000. This will cover the purchase and closing costs of the house, provide funds to assist in the transition, and further empower our sister churches in Cuba for ministry. We have a generous commitment to match donations up to $12,000, which is a great start toward meeting this goal. If you want to be part of this giving, you may do so online, in worship, or at our church office.

All funds collected will be used for an ongoing ministry relationship with our sister churches in Cuba. Discernment is already underway for what the phase 3 renovations to the Regla church will look like, including renovations to the pastor’s current living quarters to make it into a kitchen to better serve the church members and the surrounding community and additional repairs to the sanctuary ceiling. We are actively seeking the Spirit with our sisters and brothers to see how we can minister together in these phases and beyond to share the love and hope of Jesus with Cuba. If you are interested in learning more about the Cuba mission or would like to be part of a team on one of our upcoming trips, please contact Joshua Bland. There are many ways to get involved in ministry with the Cuba mission, and we want to be attentive to the ways the Spirit is prompting us to join in with the incredible work that God is doing there for the sake of the world to the glory of God.