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The mission of The United Methodist Church "is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world" (The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church 2016, ¶120). God invites us to this task through reconciliation with Godself, with one another, and with all of creation: "As servants of Christ, we are sent into the world to engage in the struggle for justice and reconciliation. We seek to reveal the love of God for men, women, and children of all ethnic, racial, cultural, and national backgrounds and to demonstrate the healing power of the gospel with those who suffer. United Methodists throughout the world are bound together in a connectional covenant in which we support and hold each other accountable for faithful discipleship and mission" (¶¶ 124-125). As members of a connectional church, our mission work lies within our local community and worldwide. For more information about Connectional Missions at First United Methodist Church Springdale, contact Pastor Josh.

International Missions

In 2018, our church began partnering with a church in Regla, Cuba. We partnered with them to repair their sanctuary and add a room to the church. In 2023 this partnership reached its goal as we were able to help the church purchase a parsonage, allowing the pastor and his family to move out of the single room in the church where they lived. This space can now be used more fully for ministry, as can the parsonage which provides additional spaces for youth groups, women's ministry, and lifelong discipleship. These resources empower them to serve their community further as they move into the future.
Discernment is currently underway for what the next season of ministry will look like in partnership with our sisters and brothers in Cuba and around the world: we are actively seeking the Spirit to see how we can partner together to share the love and hope of Jesus.