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Local Mission Project (LMP) is a weeklong mission-based summer camp held annually at First United Methodist Church in Springdale, AR for students who have just completed the 6th-12th grades. Each year we are also pleased to invite additional youth groups from around the region to join us to carry out this mission. During the week students are divided into teams led by adult site leaders and are sent out into our community to complete a variety of projects. While we have most commonly constructed wheelchair ramps for those with mobility-based impairments, over the history of LMP we have also been involved in a variety of other projects including the construction of decks and playgrounds, clean-up and maintenance work, large-scale painting projects, and anything and everything in between. In addition to assisting individuals and families, we have also had the opportunity to partner with local schools and non-profit organizations. 

During the week of LMP, everyone stays together at our church and enjoys meals and times of fellowship with one another. Each evening, we also have a special event and worship service led by our incredible worship team, with teachings following our theme for the week. Please feel free to contact Riley Harris with any questions!